Daith Piercings

The ICCA and IHSAA are allowing Daith piercings this year, since we started the year allowing them.  However, they might not be allowed in the future.  This is what we have received from the National Federation regarding Daith piercings:

The response from Dr. Koester, Chair of the NFHS SMAC on Daith piercings for migraines is:

“A piercing is a piercing. Once we grant a medical exception, then we, of course, open ourselves to a flood of requests.  Would definitely not allow this piercing.  Medical effectiveness is highly questionable.”

Also, the American Migraine Foundation website is not endorsing Daith piercings for migraines.


For this year, the cheer coach would need to keep the note from the doctor stating that this piercing is required.  It would be great if the cheerleader could possibly remove the jewelry while cheering (practice and games) to avoid issues.