Spirit Rules

Please note: A new spirit rules book will only be provided to schools on alternating years. The next spirit rules book will be sent to schools for the 2017-18 school year.

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Clarifying the Hair Rule

Coaches vs. Cancer/Pink Out Night Cheerleading Uniforms

Department of Education Info on Students Purchasing Uniforms & Attending Required Camps

How to Ask a Rules Question

ICCA/IHSAA Strengthened National Federation Spirit Rules

Medical Appliances

Middle School Cheerleading Rules

Online Rules Meeting

Progressions: Partner Stunts and Tumbling

Reporting Rules Violations

Rules Interpretation Videos

Rules Most Frequently Violated

Rules Pertaining to Number of Cheerleaders

Spirit Rules Changes

Uniform Requirements and Recommendations

Using the National Federation Rules Book

2016-17 NFHS Spirit Rules Book Corrections

3.3.5 SITUATION A on page 20 should read as follows: The top person in a braced flip is assisted by: (a) one bracer in a double-base prep and one person on the floor; (b) two bracers, one on the side and the other behind the top person; (d) two bracers in double-base preps. RULING: (a) and (b) illegal; (c) and (d) (a), (c) and (d) legal; (b) illegal.

3-5-5c on page 25 should read as follows: The top person and each bracer (who is at shoulder level or below) have a separate spotter with the exception of bracers in shoulder sits and thigh stands.