State Championships

State Championships

Jacobson Exhibition Center

Iowa Cheerleading Championships

Saturday, November 4, 2017: Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines

Ticket sales will open at 7:30 am outside the west lobby. Doors to the public will open at 8:00 am. Tickets are $10 each for K-12 and above. Credit cards will not be accepted for program or apparel sales. Cheer performances will begin at 8:00 am.

Important Updates for Coaches

State Championship Update (11/1/17)

Important State Championships Information (10/17/17)

General Information – State Championships 2017-2018

Schedules & Information

State Championship Performance Schedule as of 11/2/17. This will be the final schedule unless several teams drop this afternoon. ALL TEAMS need to be prepared to go earlier on Saturday.

All performances at the Championships will be held in the Jacobson Exhibition Center. The Varied Industries Building will only be used as a changing area.

Jacobson Building:  Doors will open 45 minutes before the Championships begin. Times to be determined.

Admission: $10.00 (under school age children admitted free). Tickets can be purchased at the Jacobson Center (west end). Spectators should be stamped at the main entrance if leaving and coming back.

Online Apparel Store can be accessed here. All apparel can be purchased at a lesser cost by ordering ahead of time rather than purchasing the day of the State Championships.

Coaches of teams are required to take the Online Rules Meeting (July 31-August 24, 2017) and Concussion Video Training through the National Federation website. Both must be completed before registering teams for the Championships.  See State Championship General Information for more details

WARM UP CHECK IN for Stunt Group and Time Out Warm Up


Registration Dates:  Online registration. Registration opened August 10 and closed at 11:59 p.m. on September 27, 2017.

Photography & Videography Order Info

Pre-paid team pictures and live action shots purchased ahead of time will receive a 25% discount.  Live action shots will be taken of those teams who have pre-ordered at least one CD of the shots.  No action shots will be taken of teams who have not pre-purchased at least one CD. Just click on the link below and order by November 2, 2017.

Tim McConnell Photography

DVD Order Form – 5 Star Media

Picture Form: All cheerleaders must fill out this form. Coaches need to show completed forms at check-in.

USA Cheer Music Copyrights Educational Initiative

IMPORTANT: The Iowa Cheerleading Coaches Association has received information from the National Federation regarding the playing of copyrighted music at any school cheer event. Copyright laws need to be followed, because they are the law.

ALL COACHES will be required to provide a proof of purchase for the music they will be using for the 2017 State Cheerleading Championships.

Questions about Music Royalty Rights may be directed to: Kenna Johnson at

Please click this link and follow the rules regarding the playing of copyrighted music for the protection of cheerleaders and cheer coaches in EVERY high school.

Music Copyright Licensing Compliance Form (.doc)

Music Copyright Licensing Compliance Form (PDF)

Helpful Links

Medical Release Form

How to ask a Rules Question

National Anthem Vocalist Application

Team Size by Divisions


(1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A teams may have one male, coed teams may have an unlimited number of males)

1A – up to 12 team members
2A – up to 12 team members
3A – up to 16 team members
4A – up to 20 team members
Coed – up to 25 team members


Any combination of male/female members

Small School (1A/2A) – up to 12 team members
Large School (3A/4A) – up to 25 team members


Group Stunt – up to five female team members
Coed Group Stunt – up to three team members, one male/female couple plus one designated spotter

Please Note

  • 2017 Online Spirit Rules Meeting will open July 31 and close at midnight on August 24. Coaches in ICCA Events of All-State tryouts, State Championships and Honor Squad must take this rules meeting. Coaches must also take the National Federation Concussion Video.
  •  2017 ICCA Event Registration opens August 10 and closes at midnight on September 27. Register your school early for your school’s payment processing.
  • ICCA Event Mailing Fees Deadline: October 3, 2017.

Scoring Grids

New info coming soon.

For Questions regarding RULES, e-mail Donna McKay at

Championships Cancellation Policy

In the event that the State Championships need to be cancelled (i.e., bad weather), the ICCA Executive Directors will be the ones to cancel the ICCA State Cheerleading Championships.  No refunds will be given if the Championships are cancelled. Also, no refunds will be given if the Championships are held and a school chooses not to attend and/or is unable to attend.

Bus Parking Map for State Cheer (2017)

Bus Drivers: Go to the Team Pass Gate for admittance. Bus drivers only will be admitted.


Click to see last year’s results (2016).